Hello. This is my personal website. Calm down, I will not know, let alone be angry, if you are finding my personal information on this website. :)

About me

I'm currently a senior student in Tongji University, Shanghai, majoring Software Engineering (it's almost equivalent to Computer Science if you are outside of Mainland China). My interests include Ruby, compiler engineering and building interesting apps.

For approximately second half of 2017, I have worked as backend internship for Strikingly, a great tool for non-geek people to build their own websites, miniprograms and games.

I'm a selected participant of Google Summer of Code 2018, for the Ruby organization.

I was also a co-founding member of Tongji Open-Source Students Association (previously known as Tongji Computer Association, TJCA). The organization currently maintains Tongji Open-Source Software Mirror.

Normally, I use a green star, originally a symbol for Esperanto (although I don't know Esperanto even for now), as my icon across internet. (I know that's impressive!) And I use ecnelises as my username, produced by reverse the word 'silence' and put 'es' after it for pluralizing.

About this site

I have a blog for my thoughts, more than category of technology, at, articles on it are usually in Chinese.

Another site hosted by GitHub Pages is also actively updated. They are in English. Now my GSoC reports are on it, but I may update other articles about programming.

I have also write serveral pages for easy online PGP crypt, see PGP. Nothing will be recorded.

For generating your own idenicon from arbitrary text, see Idenicon, that's interesting.

Contact with me

You can send mail to .

You can also find me at GitHub.